Crappie Information

Crappie can be caught almost year round on Lake Conroe. Prime months for these fish are spring and fall; however, it is possible to catch crappie March through November. In March and April, crappies are generally shallow. Then they move out to deeper brush piles along the edges of submerged creeks and drop offs during the summer months. When fishing for crappies, I use small ultra light reels with 6 lb or 8 lb test line. I will use 1/8oz. jig heads with plastic jig bodies with different colors depending on water clarity and conditions. Sometimes I will tip the jig with a minnow. There are times were one will work better than the other, so I switch back and forth as needed to catch more fish. When the fish are shallow, I use the same tackle and same bait, but I will add a slip cork to control the depth. Lake Conroe has a good population of nice sized crappies that are fun to catch and great to eat.