Largemouth Bass Information

Largemouth bass are a very sporty fish to catch. These fish do take a little bit of skill to catch. So if you are just a beginner and don’t have a lot of experience fishing, I recommend fishing for one of the other species of fish. Bass fishing involves a lot of accurate casting, as well as bait and rod control. No need to feel intimidated because if you would like to learn how to do this type of fishing, I am happy to teach anyone, on any level! I have a lot of experience with these fish. I have fished in a lot of bass tournaments on Lake Conroe and have been very successful over the years. I am familiar with their seasonal patterns and know them well. I target these fish using artificial baits year round. I change them up according to the time of year and daily conditions that I’m faced with. I have a wide variety of artificial baits I use when fishing for bass. In the spring, bass will come up in the shallow water and spawn. After spawning, the majority of the larger fish will move out to submerged structures like brush piles which are adjacent to drop offs.

Lake Conroe has a lot of different structures for anglers to fish. The lake is lined with a lot of boat docks, a little bit of grass, lay downs, stumps, rip rap, brush piles and many other types of structures that the trophy bass prefer to hide around. Lake Conroe is known for its brush piles. So, generally I choose to fish brush piles throughout the calendar year, with the exception of spring and fall when the fish tend to be shallow. Lake Conroe is an amazing bass lake and produces a lot of fish in the seven, eight, nine and ten pound range throughout the year!