Hybrid Striper Information

Hybrid stripers are by far the hardest fighting fish in the lake. The experience of catching a hybrid striper is really a lot of fun. Pound for pound, they are the strongest, fastest swimming fish in the lake. This is my favorite fish to catch in the lake year round. The average sized hybrids that I will catch are around 8 lbs; however, these fish can range in size from 3 to 14 lbs depending on the time of year that you catch them. Hybrid stripers can be caught year round as they chase and feed on schools of shad on and around the main lake points, humps, road beads, ridges, and drop offs. Hybrid stripers gather in large schools and can really be a blast to catch. For bait, I primarily use live shad 3 to 7 in length and run 8 rods in rod holders at one time. It can be really exciting drifting through an active school and suddenly, every rod bends down and looks like it’s going to break. These fish are really sporty to catch and are a great fish for anyone to enjoy the experience of catching. 

The new popular trend In fishing for Hybrid stripers is using artificial baits. I have transitioned into using more artificial baits year round. I make using artificial baits as simple as possible so everyone even people that don’t know how to fish can still catch fish with my instruction. Although artificial baits are a blast to use for hybrid stripers, sometimes we have to use live bait when the fish are picky.