Catch a Trophy’s Lake Conroe Record Fish

Catch a Trophy Fishing Guide Service is proud to have guided clients that have caught 5 Lake Conroe record fish. All these record breaking fish have been caught aboard our boat.

Book a trip with us and join the wild adventure of possibly breaking another Water Body Record on Lake Conroe.

Hudson Simmons



  • Species: Blue Catfish
  • Weight: 55.63 lbs
  • Length: 46.50 inches
  • Date: Caught September 18th 2018
  • Tackle: Ultralight Rod and Reel using 10 lb. test.

Langston Champagne



  • Species: Hybrid Striped Bass
  • Weight: 7.90 lbs
  • Length: 26.00 inches
  • Date: Caught June 8th 2019
  • Tackle: Rod and Reel.

Luke Penberthy



  • Species: White Bass
  • Weight: 2.31 lbs
  • Length: 17.00 inches
  • Date: Caught March 26th 2019
  • Tackle: Rod and Reel.